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Drugs that deplete nutrients are an important cause of nutritional deficiencies in the modern era. A 2005 study by the Minnesota Board on Aging showed that people who are over the age of 65 years old  - 36% of them take one to three prescription drugs a day; 25% take 3 or 4 prescription drugs a day;  21% percent take 5 or more prescription drugs a day, and only 18% of people over the age of 65 don't take any prescription drugs. Everybody else is being medicated for something and I will tell you that in many cases, in my opinion, drugs are over prescribed.  This are especially true for health conditions where we know that exercise and diet and lifestyle and supplementation can actually eliminate the need for certain drugs, or reduce the person's need for the drug - and much of the time the diet, lifestyle and supplementation information is not actually given to the patient. I will give you some examples: We know from the Framingham Heart Study that in 90% of cases people can keepltheir cholesterol level in ideal range with diet and lifestyle alone. For people with high triglycerides very often just a simple weight reduction, lower glycemic foods, fewer starchy foods, more exercise, and less alcohol, will bring triglycerides down without medication. People with type 2 diabetes The Pritikin Program back in the 1970's showed that proper diet and lifestyle plan could actually reversed type 2 diabetes in people, elimintatin the need for medication in many cases.

The World Health Organization shows that in 75% of cases, where people have mild to moderate high blood pressure, diet and lifestyle and supplementation can bring it down to normal. People with sleeping disorders as they get older are often put on sleeping pills. The real problem in these cases is that melatonin levels have dropped, as part of the aging process, and that's why they're not getting a good night's sleep. In these cases a simple supplementation program of melatonin  not only gives you a better night's sleep, but it's an antioxidant for the brain, and augments immune system function. Higher melatonin levels are also linked to a reduction in risk of prostate and breast cancer.  It's multifaceted in it's health benefits without being a drug. To learn more about how natural agents can help in this regard, explore the resources available at www.meschinohealth.com.  You'll see my free e-books and e-guide and many articles I have written on different subjects. which will enable you to understand the lifestyle management of many conditions.

The goal is to reduce your reliance on drugs as much as possible. Why? -  because that they have side effects and there is no question that one of the side effects can be depletion of specific nutrients and with nutritional deficiencies you become more prone to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia, brain artophy, cataracts and macular degeneration, osteoporosis and other problems. I am not making this up. This is clearly documented,  So,  if you're on prescribed drugs or over-the-counter drugs,  at very basic level you require high potency multi vitamin supplement to prevent deficiencies.  I explain what to look for in a high potency multivitamin in other articles at www.meschinohealth.com.  To understand what nutrients are being depleted by what drugs specifically search for my article entitled “Are the drugs you are taking depleting vital nutrients from your body?” (at meschinohealth.com) The article spells out the most common  drugs and show you the nutrients depleted by the drug(s).

You'll see all the scientific references below the article so you'll know that this is sound scientific information.  If you are taking any drugs then read that article and see if any of the drugs you're taking are producing significant nutrient depletion from your body. These deficiencies comes with consequences so I believe it's a very important article for people to read if you are taking any medications at all.

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