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Parkinson’s Disease: Natural Management



Natural Therapies in the Complementary Management of Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s Disease is really a progressive degeneration of a part of the brain called the substantia nigara. It's that part of the brain that makes the chemical neurotransmitter known as a dopamine. In Parkinson’s disease dopamine levels drop off.  Dopamine normally helps to control normal body movement patterns. So, when dopamine drops off the start of abnormal movement patterns and loss of muscle control results.

The classic symptom is a tremor. The tremor is usually known as a resting tremor that means you have the tremor at rest, but if you go to do something then the tremor disappears. It also often  disappears when the person is sleeping. Also, the muscles start to become more stiff and more rigid movement patterns occur and becomes slower. In  more advanced cases there's a statue postures, fixed facial expression, speech problems, difficulty walking and eventually mental decline, which is a common feature in advanced cases. Thus, the medical management of Parkinson’s Disease is to try to get more dopamine back into the brain. There are drugs that help to do that, but they're also diet and exercise and supplementation practices that have been shown to be very effective to helping to manage Parkinson’s Disease cases beyond what drugs alone can do.

Here's the top 10 list of diet, supplementation and lifestyle practices that Parkinson’s patients should follow.

  1. Eat most of your protein at night.

  2. Eat a lower animal fat diet with the exception of fish

  3. Eat fava beans . The fava bean contains a lot of L-dopa and L-dopa gets into the brain and becomes dopamine.

  4. Eat 5 to 7 fruit and vegetable servings that get more antioxidants to stop some of the free radical damage to the brain cells, which also occurs in Parkinson’s.

  5. 30 minutes of endurance exercise helps to maintain  muscle control and muscle tone, and stop some of that rigidity from setting in. It helps maintain better body movements overall and has been proven to be really effective in this regard.

  6. CoQ10 supplementation dosages as high as 600-1200 milligrams a day have been shown to be very important in slowing the progression of the disease, and sometimes helps to stabilize it very significantly.

  7. High potency multivitamin that has 1000 milligrams of vitamin C,  400 IU vitamin E, and a B- 50 complex is helpful. Vitamin C and Vitamin E have been shown to help stabilize Parkinsono's disease and B-vitamins help the brain make dopaamine and other neurotransmitters.

  8. The supplement phosphatidylserine has helped some Parkinson’s Disease patients. I would suggest 100 mg, three times daily.

  9. A Supplement cntaining the essential fatty acids fish, flaxseed and borage seed oils  helps to improve brain function by improving nerve cell communication and helping to improve the fluidity of the nerve cell membrane, so it's better preserved and the nerve cells function better.

  10. The last strategy is tht  I would add a little extra vitamin E even if you are taking  a high potency multivitamin that it has 400 IU vitamin E. Additional vitamin E has been shown to be helpful in Parkinson’s cases to slow down the progression of the disease. I would take up to 1600 milligrams a day of vitamin E in total from supplementation.

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