Vitamin A: For vision and cancer prevention


More than 50% of American adults don’t meet the recommended, daily allowance for Vitamin A. They don’t get their Vitamin A requirement. The Vitamin A requirement you need stays about 5000 IU, but the average intake of food is about 2000-2500 UI, so thats about 50% short. And it is also very easy to take too much Vitamin A and end up with Vitamin A toxicity. Vitamin A toxicity is very serious because if it’s in a pregnant woman, she can give birth to a child having

very serious breath defects. A woman’s body can also leech calcium out of bones, she ends up more prone to osteoporosis and osteoporotic fractures. The more common thing she can see with Vitamin A toxicity is the skin starts to peel, person starts to get really bad headache and it can also really damage livers and some other internal organs. So you have to get the right amount of Vitamin A everyday. Most people don’t get enough, some people take way too high supplements of Vitamin A.

Vitamin A has six major functions:

  1. Helps with cell differentiation. New cells develop from old cells, the cell has to fully mature into a complete adult cell, this is known as differentiation. Without enough Vitamin A, the cells don’t fully mature into beautiful adult cells, which makes them much more prone to developing cancer cells. So Vitamin A is really important anti-cancer nutrient. When theres a lot of Vitamin A deficiency, cells into what is called metaplasia, where they really are pre-cancerous.

  2. Helps the eye make chemicals for night vision. People with Vitamin A deficiency often it ends up to them having night blindness, a very poor night vision.

  3. Vital for normal growth and development of most tissues in the body, including the tissue of the foetal body. If a woman is pregnant, she needs the right amount of Vitamin A.

  4. For normal reproduction, both sperm and egg cells require Vitamin A for normal cell production and maturation.

  5. Vitamin A is a very powerful antioxidant, so it quenches free radicals, helps us to protect us against free radicals which can damage genes, lead to mutation or maybe lead to cancer

  6. Optimizes immune system function. So it help us to decrease our risk of infection, and also helps us to reduce the risk of cancer, through that effect on immune system function

So, because people don’t get enough amount of Vitamin A, its good to get missing amount of Vitamin A from a high-potency multivitamin, but it should not have more than 2000-3000 IU of Vitamin A. I’ve seen a lot of multivitamins in the market place today that have 5000-10000 IU of Vitamin A, taken over long period that can lead to Vitamin A toxicity. I would strongly advise against that.

Now there have been certain situations over the years where Vitamin A supplementation at high doses has shown to be helpful. In cases of acne, it can actually shrink the sebaceous glands down and stop the over secretion of sebum and usually don’t get block pores and you can actually treat acne very effectively. But the hard dose required end up causing liver damage, terrible headaches and other very serious side effects. So you cant really use those doses. Also study shows that high doses of Vitamin A can be very helpful for certain cancers, but high dose again can have other toxic side effects.

So the pharmaceutical companies have made Vitamin A look-a-like drugs. The drug Accutane, which is used for acne, is really a Vitamin A like drug and still has some toxicity. So you have to be really very careful with that drug, but it is a Vitamin A type of drug. There are also drug that are used to treat certain head and neck cancers, they are called Retinoid drug, where retinoids are Vitamin A like drugs. So they took the active properties of Vitamin A and tried to make drugs that look like Vitamin A. Whats important is that some drugs actually block the absorption of Vitamin A. So its important to really understand Vitamin A. You can learn all the details about Vitamin A by clicking on the link below. You will learn how to get just the right amount of Vitamin A each day so you get optimum Vitamin A without and risk of toxicity. I think thats important for everyone. So click on the link, read the article, it will make sense to you. In you will see my other research articles, footage for my live professional seminars and downloads and resources I have created. They are all there to help you live a long healthy functional life. On my research papers and teaching materials, with all the scientific references, so you will see you will only get evidence based information on any topic you looking for. So you should use as a resource of health and wellness information for both you and your family.

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