The Prevention and Treatment of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure affects approximately 25% of the adult population in United States and Canada, most of which are in a mild form, which is highly sensitive to nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle practices. Medical literature stresses hypertension patients should receive intensive non-drug therapies (nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle practices) to improve control of their condition and reduce their risk of developing further cardiovascular disease, even though the use of anti-hypertensive drugs dominate the management of this condition. High blood pressure, along with high cholesterol and cigarette smoking, are considered to be the three cardinal risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Studies indicate that lowering an individual’s blood pressure from 160/90 to 140/80mmHg may decrease risk of heart disease by more than 30%. Side effects from high blood pressure drugs can include fatigue, male impotence, elevated cholesterol levels, light-headedness, dizziness and skin eruptions.

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