The Prevention and Treatment of Warts

Most warts are caused by a human papilloma virus. This is the same virus associated with warts on the cervix of the uterus and involved in cervical cancer. Some warts on the skin can actually be squamous cell cancer, especially in older persons. Some venereal warts may be due to secondary syphilis. Warts are highly contagious and thus medical treatment should be sought to confirm the diagnosis of a wart, establish appropriate treatment and reduce chance of spreading the infection and preventing recurrences. Warts on the skin are commonly treated with keratolytic agents, liquid nitrogen, surgical removal or laser therapy. In cases where keratolytic agents are used as the treatment, concurrent treatment with oil of oregano may be helpful to speed recovery and help prevent recurrences, which is a common complicating issue in treating warts. Treatment may include consideration of the following:

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